A Guide to Healthy Diet for Diabetics

Around the world, there are millions of people who suffer from diabetes. As per the studies, India has the highest no of diabetic patients. Taking proper diet is imperative for any diabetic patient. Diet, to a major extent plays a very significant role in controlling your diabetes.


The main aim of any diabetic diet is weigh control and maintain your blood sugar at normal levels by preventing it from rising any further. You can prepare your diet plan after consulting your medical practitioner. However please remember that, just that you are diabetic don’t mean you that you need to stay away from all the yummy for the tummy food and eat the bland boring food.

There are many kinds of foods and recipes that you can continue eating without any dilemma. Just make sure that the food you eat is high in nutrition and low in calories.
Following are the foods that should be skipped or avoided if you are diabetic:

Sugar-Sugar intake provides your body with lots of calories and carbohydrates

Carbohydrate foods have a huge and direct impact on the blood glucose levels. Thus, sugar in any form shall be totally avoided in case if you are suffering from high glucose levels.

Rice-Rice is a part of staple diet in many Asian countries. However, rice again is an important source of carbohydrates and thus needs to be avoided. Please note that one should not refrain from eating all types of carbohydrate foods, as some of these foods have many nutrients that actually help in controlling your blood glucose levels.


You can actually have carbohydrate containing foods that are low in fat content but have fiber as fiber does not let your blood glucose levels to rise.

Dairy products-As far as possible, refrain from having any sort of dairy products especially whole milk and milk products, as hey have huge fat content. Dairy products with low fat percentage such as low fat milk and curds can be eaten but in very meager quantities.

Potato and pasta-Potato and pasta again belong to the high carbohydrate family that will increase you blood glucose levels and thus should be erased from your daily diet plan.

Meat and poultry products– Experts often recommend that people suffering from diabetes shall try and become vegetarian. This is mainly because meat products and egg generally are huge fat carriers and thus might adversely impact your blood glucose levels.

Meat and poultry products
Meat and poultry products

Alcohol-One should refrain from drinking any sort of alcohol as alcohol it is processed in the body just like fats and provides as many calories as fats do.
In addition to the above, tea, coffee, while flour, butter, ghee, oils and canned foods/drinks should be avoided too.

Following are the foods that should form a part of your diet plan if you are diabetic:

Fiber- As mentioned above fiber plays a very important role in improving your blood glucose levels. Fiber is not easily digestible and thereby resulting in a slow and steady release of glucose.

Fiber is found in various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. The more natural and unprocessed, the higher the fiber content it has. Whole wheat bread, oat, apples, soyabean are all rich in fiber content.

Fenugreek and bitter gourd- Both these help in lowering the blood sugar levels and thus should be included in your daily diet regime.

Potato and pasta-Potato
Potato and pasta-Potato

Garlic-Garlic is often considered to be a miracle food for all the diabetic patients. This is because, not only does it lowers the blood pressure levels but is also rich in potassium. Since garlic contains lot of potassium, it helps in replacing the potassium lost by the diabetic patients in their urine.

In addition to the above, Indian blackberry, cinnamon will also help to keep your blood sugar levels in check.
Thus, follow this diabetic coupled with exercise and keep your blood sugar levels at bay.


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